A Guide for TMJ Problems book


It will cover just about all you need to know about Occlusomuscular Disease (TMJ) and Occlusodentition Disease (teeth and gums). The causes and proper treatment is important to know to avoid foolish treatment. It describes Dr. Henry Tanner Methods of treatment. It covers Spastic torticollis, Dystonia, headaches, migraine headaches, ear aches, facial pain, periodontal disease and other clenching problems. A Donation will be appreciated. 

 A Guide To TMJ Problems

(Torticollis, TMJ, Periodontal Disease, Tinnitis, Hearing problems)


Louis O. Thomas DDS 

This book deals with treatment of TMJ type problems

The book shows the different types of appliances. Some you need to avoid and the ones which will solve your problems. Patients and Dentists will enjoy the detailed instructions in construction of anterior deprogrammers and balance bite splints. It also illustrates equilibration--plus a lot of information regarding clenching trauma to teeth and gums including treatment procedures for those problems.


"A must have book for dentists'


"Only book out there to get treatment for TMJ"


"First logical information on treating Dystonia"