About Dr. Thomas

An e-mail to me.

Hello,  I found your web site interesting and informative; however, I did not find any information on YOU. Who are you?  A dentist, doctor, or other practitioner. You mentioned helping patients in your practice, but I could not establish what type of practice it is? What are your credentials? My question is "Can clenching of the teeth during sleep cause pressure on nerves to affect other parts of the body, specifically hands and feet? Or, are clenching symptoms confined to the upper body only?"

Hi, Thanks for the reminder. I will put some information about me on my web page. I'm a retired dentist who specialized in periodontics for 23 years. First, there is no specialty in the treatment of TMJ problems yet. There seems to be very little awareness in my profession that clenching is a serious problem. I treated many TMJ and periodontal cases using the Tanner methods and the mopfloss method of cleaning between teeth with a great deal of success. I thought that the public and dentistry should know more about clenching and cleaning between teeth. It took me years to learn what clenching can do. I'm just a voice in the wilderness trying to make people aware of the problems teeth clenching can cause. There are so-called TMJ specialist, but there are no training programs to create an expert. You can hang up your shingle as an expert if you want to, but every dentist should know how to handle clenching problems. So, since there are no real experts in the field, there are no credentials. I just want to past along my and my colleagues experience.

I got this e-mail about the validity of my site

I often search the web for interesting articles for our reception area. However, for (what) is the basis for this article. I would like some of my patients to read this however, but it has not been endorsed by the ADA. What is your source or authority over the matter?   J T 

Hi,    I doubt that the ADA would approve of my information since dentistry is so far behind in clenching physiology. It is honest and comes from 30 years of successful treatment of clenching problems (together with colleagues who use the Tanner method). My profession, as a whole, does not recognize clenching as a 'cause' for dental and TMJ problems, which is a shame. I'm only trying to expose this tragic oversight through my web pages, which are free to anyone interested. It is a new site but it is already getting more than 8000 visitors each month, from all over the world, probably since almost everyone has a 'clenching' problem or two. I hope I can help fix this problem in dentistry. If your doctor not using the same treatment philosophy, it may cause some of you to become confused, but it is OK to use my information if you wish. Good luck in your search for valid information for your patients,